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THE TEA BASKET is a Blueishearth Brand that provides Best Quality – Premium Teas

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Authentic: Assam Authentic Premium Tea
Quality: Pure Quality Tea
Price: Best Price

Benefits of Using The Tea Basket from Blueishearth

Good for your Skin

Tea slows down the aging process, fights skin cancer, treats oily skin and reduces dandruff.

Improves Memory

Tea helps to increase connectivity between frontal and parietal brain regions. Which helps to improve our short-term memory.

Fight Off Depression

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea that has a soothing, calming effect on people. It also reduces physical and mental stress and promotes relaxation.

Reduce Blood Sugar

The antioxidant and astringent nature of tea allows the pancreas to function better, which helps in better secretion of insulin and more efficient absorption of blood sugar.

Reduces Body Fat

Tea helps with weight loss as it increases serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These hormones control appetite, mood, energy and cravings

Immune System Boost

Catechins found in tea prevent bacteria and viruses from attaching themselves to cell walls, which would then infect you.

About Us

Blueish Earth Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

Blueishearth is a newly incorporated company in the year July’21 headquartered at Jorhat, Assam in India. The company was formed by like-minded people, three individuals having vast experience in their respective fields. Moreover, they have a common goal of preserving mother nature and bringing the products of mother nature in its purest form to society by benefitting all.
Blueishearth is into Agri and Allied activities and is renowned for bringing World Class Assam Premium Tea’s purest form to the doorsteps of its esteemed customers with its famous brand, THE TEA BASKET.

Jorhat is home to the Largest Tea Research Center in the country. In the northern region, this enchanting tourist destination in Assam is flourishing with abundant greenery in splendid tea gardens. Often referred to as the Tea Capital of India, the town has around 135 tea gardens.

THE TEA BASKET is not just a brand name but brings you the best premium teas from various tea gardens of Assam carefully hand plucked with care and produced to perfection by experts only for you. THE TEA BASKET is Assam’s finest when it comes to premium teas.

The Management Team


Blueish Earth Agro Industries Private Limited
Baruah Chariali, A.T Road
Jorhat. Assam. India
Phone: +91- 7099022267/8471944304
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